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 Cask Capital

Your guide for whisky investments - from casks to bottles
Real Asset

Cask Capital is a one-of-a-kind platform that makes whisky investing easy and accessible, from cask to bottle. With its built-in tokenization engine, our marketplace will offer an innovative and, most importantly, user-friendly way to invest in whisky. Each token bought on our marketplace is backed by physical casks or bottles. All casks are stored in licensed and audited bonded warehouses by HMRC. The stock is fully insured and professionally cared for with industry-leading comprehensive policies.

Stable Yield

The Scotch whisky industry is full of untapped potential. Cask Capital's innovative approach unlocks opportunities for both private investors and rare whisky collectors. Our organization stands apart as the exclusive provider of physically backed tokens, secured by the stock of premium maturing whisky casks that offer a potential annual yield of 12%.

Premium Selection

With our expertise and solid industry relationships, we will offer premium brands of casks and bottles to our users. Combined with our cask maturation program, the premium Scotch whisky casks provide a unique opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolios with a reliable and alternative asset class. The maturation process, rarity, and inverse supply and demand dynamics drive the potential price appreciation of the casks.

Who are we
Whisky Advocate

"The future of scotch whisky investing"

Our Services

Tokenized Marketplace

Screenshot of the Cask Capital marketplace

Cask Capital is the only marketplace that has implemented a robust tokenization engine, making whisky investing straightforward and transparent for users. The marketplace, developed by Meterium with the support of The Hashgraph Associaton, is built on the Hedera network. It has integrated the tokenization engine of TOKO, which was created and is owned by DLA Piper, a globally renowned law firm. 

Blockchain technology ensures accessibility and transparency, which are key added values we want to provide to our users. Each cask or bottle purchased triggers an instant tokenization, creating an immutable stamp on the Hedera network. Once bought, users are free to trade their holdings on the community marketplace.

Customized Portfolios

We can help you diversify your investments by creating a personalized portfolio of whisky casks. Our team is ready to help you with every step of the process, from choosing the proper cask to curating it and even selling it through our well-established industry partners. Cask Capital guides you from casks to bottles. 

For any inquiries about customized portfolios, please contact us at

Whisky Cask Warehouse
Whisky poured in a Cask Capital branded glass

Bespoke Cask Bottlings

Are you looking for a unique way to commemorate a special occasion or event? Our bespoke whisky service offers you the opportunity to bottle your own cask and create a personalized whisky tailored to your taste. Whether it's for a wedding, milestone birthday, anniversary, launch event, or even a personalized bottling for a bar or restaurant, we are here to collaborate with you.


Our team is dedicated to understanding your desired flavour profile and whisky preferences, and will present carefully selected casks for your consideration. We also provide label design services and seamless delivery wherever you require, offering a complete solution for your special occasion. Please note that duty and VAT will be applicable.


Feel free to reach out to us for more information. Let's work together to make your whisky celebration truly unforgettable!

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Our roadmap is subject to change and is not set in stone.


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