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How it Works

Cask Capital offers both a traditional and an innovative way to access the whisky market. Our innovative approach provides a marketplace that has implemented a robust tokenization engine developed by DLA Piper, making whisky investing secure and transparent. 

Curated Selection

At Cask Capital, we take pride in offering only the finest and most desirable casks to our customers. Our team of experts meticulously curates each cask, considering both the historical performance of established brands and current market trends. This ensures that only premium and highly sought-after casks make it onto our marketplace.


Our platform is built using state-of-the-art blockchain technology. Whenever a cask or bottle is sold on our marketplace, it is immediately tokenized, creating an immutable record on the blockchain. Once the purchase is made, you can easily track and manage your whisky portfolio on your personalized dashboard. In addition, our marketplace provides a community trading hub where whisky enthusiasts and collectors can exchange their casks.

Cask Maturation Program

Cask Capital will manage all of your casks through our Cask Maturation Program. This specialized program follows a well-planned strategy with the main objective of achieving the highest potential returns on your whisky casks. Our program ensures that your whisky casks are carefully managed, and you will be notified instantly once your casks are reaching maturity.

Selling Matured Casks

Once your casks have reached maturity, we can assist you in selling them through our network of independent bottlers. You will receive the proceeds from the sale. Our company has established a well-defined exit strategy through industry agreements with independent bottlers and global distributors of Scotch whisky. We take pride in being the only market provider that has entered into contractual agreements for selling our maturing stock of premium casks.


Alternatively, if you prefer to keep the whiskey for personal use, we can also bottle it and have it shipped to you. Please note that there are costs associated with bottling your cask for personal use. Contact us for additional information.

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